Ellen Steuer

Ellen Steuer

Independent Travel Advisor

Ellen, a former Disney Cast Member, brings her deep passion for all things Disney and Star Wars as your knowledgeable guide. Her favorite Disney Princess? The fearless Leia Organa, of course! 

As a kid, some of Ellen's most cherished memories were made during epic family road trips from Wisconsin to Florida, where they'd dive headfirst into the enchantment of the Magic Kingdom® Park and EPCOT®. For Ellen, there's nothing quite like sharing those immersive and mind-blowing experiences with loved ones, and she firmly believes that Disney reigns supreme in the realm of magic.

Now settled in California, Ellen and her kids have become frequent flyers to Disneyland® Resort, unleashing their inner explorers and soaking up every drop of enchantment. They recently embarked on their very first Disney Cruise Line vacation—taking their wonder to new horizons. 

But here's the thing: Ellen just can't get enough of the magic herself. It's an irresistible force that keeps pulling her back for more. That's why she's bursting with excitement to share the Disney magic with you! So, gear up for a thrilling adventure together, where joy and unforgettable moments await at every turn!

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