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Our Legendary Program puts money back into your pocket. Earn 1–4x points for every vacation you book with us and redeem on future trips to help you create some more good stories with your family.
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Book with Good Story Vacations and opt into the Legendary Program to make your next vacation even more rewarding. Read more about the Legendary Program Terms and Conditions.


What does it cost to use Good Story Vacations?

Our services are completely free. We focus on crafting your ideal Disney vacation without any additional fees.

How does Good Story Vacations make money?

Our Advisors earn commissions directly from travel providers, not from our clients. This allows us to offer you top-notch service at no extra cost to you.

Will I pay more for my vacation if I book through Good Story Vacations?

Not at all. We ensure you get the best available rates, and our planning services come at no additional cost to you. Our service includes personalized trip consultation, resort and ticket booking, and more. See how it works when you travel with us.

Can booking through Good Story Vacations actually save me money?

Yes, our Advisors actively look for the best deals and promotions, potentially lowering the overall cost of your trip. We also offer points through our exclusive Legendary Program—a complimentary benefit for our clients—so each trip becomes more and more rewarding.

I like to plan my vacations—can I take advantage of the Legendary Program without an Advisor planning for me?

We understand the joy of planning your own vacation — it's the reason we're in this business! To benefit from our Legendary Program, you do need to book through Good Story Vacations, but the level of assistance from our Advisors is entirely up to you. Whether you want full planning support or just the essentials, you'll still enjoy all the perks of the Legendary Program, including earning rewards for future trips. It's the best of both worlds — your personal touch with added benefits!

How does Good Story Vacations compare to the cost of other travel agencies?

Unlike many travel agencies that charge for vacation management services or access to planning guides and apps, Good Story Vacations offers these services completely free. We believe in providing a full suite of planning tools and personalized advisory services at no extra cost, making your Disney vacation planning easier and more affordable.

I already booked my vacation—can I still use Good Story Vacations?

If you've already booked your Disney vacation within the last 30 days, there's good news! We can request to transfer your trip to our agency. If approved, you can then enjoy all the benefits of Good Story Vacations, including the rewards of our Legendary Program. This way, you get the added value of our services even if you initially booked on your own.

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