How using a Disney travel advisor will help you make the most of your vacation

Remember the thrill of those family Disney vacations when you were a kid? Meeting your favorite characters, enjoying new rides, and staying at the magical resorts on property made every moment special. Though much has changed, you can still capture that wonder, whether reliving your own memories or making new ones with your kids.

What does it take to make a Disney vacation full of good stories? It starts with a bit of preparation, thoughtful choices, and some help from the experts—what some may call Disney travel agents.

You may see different names when searching for the best Disney travel agents on the internet. A Disney travel planner or Disney vacation planner is a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations. At Good Story Vacations, we call them travel advisors, or Advisors for short.

Disney travel advisors can make your vacation smooth without any extra cost. Whether you’re planning a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation or a voyage with Disney Cruise Line, they handle it all. This includes booking hotels, getting theme park tickets, arranging VIP tours, and organizing transportation. They offer guidance every step of the way, helping your family make the most of every moment so you can just enjoy the magic.

So should you use a Disney travel advisor for your next vacation? Let’s look at the benefits.

Expert knowledge

A Disney travel advisor gets training from the College of Disney Knowledge to give you the best and latest vacation tips. Whether it's your first time booking a Disney trip or you've been before, an Advisor can answer all your questions.

Have a question about something you found on the Walt Disney World website calendar? Your Advisor can tell you all about the event and how it fits into your schedule or matches your family's interests.

Don't know which of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels is best for your budget? Your Advisor will help you narrow down your options.

Can’t decide on which restaurant at Disneyland® Resort is the best for celebrating an anniversary? Your Advisor can help with that too.

Their expertise extends beyond ticketing or booking a Disney experience. They always know about the newest rides, shows, events, and places to eat. They gladly share everything they know about these destinations to craft a vacation experience that's both personal and unique. With their help, you'll have access to insider knowledge that can make your adventure one you won't forget.

Peace of mind

A Disney travel advisor makes planning your vacation smooth and simple. Get peace of mind knowing they are handling all the details with care. From initial booking to when you arrive, they'll help you plan a great trip.

With their help, you can count on your trip being well-organized, letting you focus on having fun with your family. Their dedication ensures a seamless journey so you can relax and fully enjoy your vacation.

Mickey Mouse and family - Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World Resort
Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Personal touch

Every family has its own ideas about what makes a vacation special. A Disney travel advisor listens and creates experiences that fit your family's personal preference.

At Good Story Vacations, they make sure everyone has memorable stories to tell. That's part of what we call story-based advising. Our Advisors craft your trip to include many chances for stories you'll never forget. They work closely with Disney cast members to personalize every detail of your family's experience.

Let's say you're planning a Walt Disney World Resort trip. If your kids love Frozen, they might suggest a sing-along, a ride on Frozen Ever After, and photos with Anna and Elsa. Or maybe your family is into Toy Story. Then, the Advisor might recommend dining at Roundup Rodeo BBQ and enjoying a ride on Toy Story Mania!®

Saves time

Disney vacations are all about fun family times. So, save yourself time by letting a trusted Advisor handle the details. They'll compare the best offers and prices, book your rooms and tickets, and sort out transportation to and from the airport. They even talk to Disney directly to manage your reservations for you, so you can just enjoy the fun.

Navigating travel packages, park policies, and transportation can be a lot to manage without the proper guidance. Your Advisor will streamline the process so that every part of your trip is in order.


Disney travel advisors keep track of important dates, such as when to make advance dining reservations. They will also let you know when you can book special experiences like building a Star Wars lightsaber in Savi's Workshop.

They watch reservation windows, event calendars, and your vacation countdown to ensure your family can secure those special experiences. With the guidance of your Advisor and a few events in your plans, you'll start into your vacation feeling ahead of the game.

Save money

Many people ask, "Is it cheaper to book Disney through a travel agent?" Yes, and here’s why!

A Disney travel advisor finds special offers and vacation packages that you might not know about. Plus, Advisors monitor new promotions on Disney resort hotels and more to save you money whenever possible. They will let you know if a special discount becomes available that suits your vacation needs. With the savings they unlock, you can maximize your vacation budget and focus on creating priceless memories.

Extra perks

Be on the lookout for Disney travel agencies that offer extra perks like loyalty programs or other free benefits.

For example, by using our Advisors, you earn points every time you book your trip with our Legendary Program. These points increase with each new adventure, from 1x to 4x.

Redeem them for gift cards that can go towards a little extra vacation magic. Grab a MagicBand+, book character dining, or transform your kids into princesses and knights at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Your Disney vacation will keep getting better.

Another benefit to look for is a focus on the planet. Take our Doing Good initiative at Good Story Vacations. For every trip you take, we donate 1% of our profits to programs that protect the environment. So while you’re having fun, your vacation is also helping our world.

These extra perks not only make your vacation more rewarding, but they make you feel more satisfied too.

Make the most of your Disney vacation

Disney vacations are more than just trips—they’re stories your family will remember forever. Your Disney travel Advisor is a partner on this journey every step of the way. They consider your time, budget, and dreams. But most importantly, they make sure that you experience all the magic Disney has to offer.

Ready to start planning your next vacation? Reach out to Good Story Vacations and our Advisors start you on your journey. With their support, your next Disney vacation will be seamless and filled with stories your family will treasure for years to come.