Good Story Vacations ❤️ Disney and the Arts

About us

Good Story Vacations is a creative travel agency
specializing in Disney destinations

After years of passing along travel tips to friends and family, Amanda Zimmerman founded Good Story Vacations to combine her love of Disney with her desire to help others make the most of their trips. She’s found that every vacation requires a little strategy, but the best ones are crafted with good experiences in mind.

Our Good Story Advisors—a collaborative community of creative, personable, and organized travel advisors—gives you the knowledge you need and helps you feel prepared for all the magical moments that Disney has to offer. By listening, asking questions, and getting to know you, we help craft an experience that is specific and personal to each guest. We’re passionate about helping create an unforgettable vacation where you'll come home with plenty of memories and, of course, a lot of good stories.

All of our Good Story Advisors are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge and are enthusiastic about their love for all things Disney. Good Story Vacations is proud to support travel advisors who are also creative artists and storytellers with backgrounds in the Arts.